Putting Drill

The following instructions provide step-by-step guidance on how to use ProStance to practice and improve your putting:

  1. Fully deflate the ProStance (by opening the pressure value and releasing any air from the inner tube).
  2. Stand on the ProStance with it located within the instep of your feet (bare feet or wearing golf shoes).
  3. Depending on your weight, style of shoe and golfing proficiency inflate the inner tube (using a standard hand/bicycle pump) until your toes and heels just start to come off the ground. You are attempting to create a sensation of balance where the toes and heels of each foot are lightly touching the ground with equal pressure. You will likely find that you need to make a series of small adjustments to maintain the desired equal pressure distribution, however this will happen quite instinctively as you progressively fine-tune your posture to find the optimum, balance position.
  4. Start by hitting a few short putts and concentrate on maintaining your balance during the putt.
  5. Step off the ProStance and hit some putts. Focus on maintaining the same sensations of balance and weight distribution as you experienced while using the ProStance: you should have a much better felling of how your feet and body react with the ground and you should begin to feel the benefit of a balanced and athletic address position even with the putter.
  6. Once you are comfortably able to maintain your balance whilst putting on the ProStance, you should further inflate the inner tube to increase the degree of difficulty. Your ultimate aim is to be able to maintain your balance throughout the putt with the ProStance fully inflated and your your toes and heels completely off of the ground.