Here's what some of the many Tour professionals who use ProStance have to say about the product.

"The ProStance is a great tool for any golfer at any level. It helps build balance and stability for every part of the game from putting and chipping to the full swing."

Padraig Harrington
Three-time Major winner

"The ProStance has simplified my golf swing and allows me to make more powerful, efficient and, most of all, consistent swings."

Paul McGinley
European Tour & Ryder Cup Star

"The ProStance is cutting edge and simplicity all in one. It will enhance your golfing ability immediately, due to your increased body awareness."

Bradley Dredge
European Tour Professional

"I use the product daily to confirm and maintain my posture at address."

Richard Finch
Irish Open and New Zealand Open winner 2008

"I first met Dr Paul Hurrion in 2005 and have unquestionable belief in his ability as a putting coach. The ProStance training aid encompasses a lot of his principles and teachings. Without the correct balance, your putting mechanics are a series of compensatory movements. Manipulation of the club head does not stand up to pressure"

Phillip Archer
European Tour Professional

"The strike and pace of my putts were inconsistent, Dr Hurrion identified that I was not balanced whilst striking my putts, after practicing on the ProStance I am able to hit my putts consistently out of the middle and hence a better pace."

Terry Pilkadaris
European Tour Professional

"Balance and stability are crucial in the putting stroke, I never fully appreciated this until working with Dr Paul Hurrion. The ProStance enables me to work on my technique away from the course, which is crucial for me...Taking my putting seriously has started to show real results"

Robert Jan-Derksen
European Tour Professional

"Working with ProStance has not only improved my short game, but has also given me more length and accuracy to my long game. The work I do with Stewart Craig means ProStance is always in my bag as it is fundamental to my practice and a huge part of the success I have enjoyed on tour this year."

Becky Brewerton
2009 Spanish Open Winner & Solheim Cup Star