Features and Benefits

Some of the main features and benefits of ProStance.

  • Lightweight and portable. ProStance can be carried in the golf bag and used at the driving range, on the practice putting green, or during actual practice rounds.
  • Simple and convenient to use. There's no complicated set-up or complex instructions to follow. ProStance harnesses the human body's fundamental ability to learn through doing, and intuitively helps to train better balance and an improved golf swing.
  • Ensures weight is centred through the arches of the feet at address. This "balanced" set-up is fundamental to more powerful, accurate and consistent ball striking.
  • Promotes improved balance throughout the entire golf swing. This leads to more consistent and powerful ball striking and increased accuracy on all shots.
  • Rapid results. Within minutes of using ProStance you will instinctively start to make adjustments to your posture and set-up in order to attain the proper balance at set-up and throughout the entire golf swing. You will quickly see improvements in terms of accuracy, distance, and consistency leading to reduced scores.
  • Works for every aspect of the golf game. ProStance can be used to improve putting, chipping, pitching and full shots.
  • Effective for golfers of all standards. ProStance is suitable for golfers of all standards and abilities, from the high handicapper looking to make radical game improvements to elite players looking to fine-tune their game and make further improvements.
  • Suitable for golfers of all ages, size, and gender. ProStance incorporates an inflatable inner tube that allows the device to be adjusted to fit any shoe size and is equally suited to for men, women, and junior golfers.